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Gemini Man (2019) เจมิไน แมน

Gemini Man

Gemini Man Henry Brogan is a 51-year old former Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper who is employed as an assassin for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is responsible for killing an alleged bio-terrorist who is on the train that is in Belgium. Henry is aware by his spotter that an unidentified girl is near his intended target. He shoots the man in the neck, despite his attempts to shoot at his head. He then delays his shot. Henry is not happy with the thought of shooting dead.

Henry Danny and Danny meet Danny and Henry in Buttermilk Sound (Georgia) and reunite with Jack. Jack reveals to Henry that Yuri who is an informant declares that the person who was targeted by the train was innocent. Henry wants proof, and Jack organizes a meeting with Yuri. Henry wants proof, and Lassiter, the director of the agency is planning to murder Henry. Clay Varris is director of an criminal private army firm known as “GEMINI” however, he is not allowed to do so.

Henry finds out that Danny is a colleague agent of the government to monitor him. He then becomes friends with her. Henry calls his spotter when his house is robbed by security agents from the government. Jack and his mistress are also shot dead. Henry warns Danny and kills the assassins that chase them and realize that the government would like them to both die.

Henry and Danny escape to Colombia together with Baron Henry’s former friend. They hide at Baron’s home and plan to meet with Yuri. Clay dispatches his most skilled assassin to Henry’s side. Henry resists and discovers that the assassin is quite similar young man to Clay. The assassin is brought to an uninvolved location and is then revealed to Clay’s adopted son Junior. Junior is intrigued by Henry’s resemblance, is instructed to finish the job.

Danny believes that the assassin could be Henry’s son, even though Henry denies it. Henry decides to ask Baron to procure an Gulfstream to take the family and him to Hungary. Danny discovers that Henry and his DNA were the same when the DNA test was conducted by Junior. Henry is introduced to Yuri to discuss GEMINI’s cloning system. The person who was killed was a scientist who had come up with a method to create Clones that are not subject to emotional pain and suffering.

Henry contacts Lassiter and agrees to take Junior back to the United States. Junior is able to capture Danny and creates an alarm to warn Henry by putting the hidden hearing device inside Danny’s mouth. Junior is snatched by Henry and he reveals to Junior that they’re clones and they share similar characteristics.

Junior runs away to GEMINI, and is confronted by Clay who informs him that He must beat Henry to be victorious. Junior is joined by Henry in bringing Clay down. Clay. Henry then urges Junior to give up in order in order to become an improved person. Clay demands Baron to kill Baron, and Junior knocks Clay unconscious during a brief hand-to-hand fight.

Henry, Danny and Junior fight off a group of GEMINI agents. They now confront another seemingly invincible operative with body armor that is specially designed for them. He is fatally injured by them and then they realize that he’s an clone of Henry’s youthful self that lacks emotions and the ability to feel the pain. Clay is defeated and attempts to defend himself before Junior. Clones that have Henry’s abilities could save the soldiers’ lives and help make operations very successful. Junior is devastated and plans to kill Clay. However, Henry convinces him to stay away and shoots Clay.

Henry is guaranteed that there are no more clones created and they have been released. Junior later meets Henry who is enrolled in the college with the false name “Jackson Brogan” named after his mother. Henry and Danny collaborate to determine Jackson’s future.


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